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Children’s Health Insurance in California

Child Health Care Coverage - Kids Health Insurance under Medicaid

Public health funding is minimal in the United States, and while a small number of children would qualify for the Californian child health insurance program under the Federal governments Medicaid program, many children remain uninsured or a reliant on their parents insurance.

Indeed, there exist many countries in the world, stricken by poverty and disease, where children suffer in the denial of proper medical care. That this should be the case anywhere in the United States is a sad indictment on the priorities of those that govern the State of California and the United States.

The World Health Organization has taken steps to address the multitude of suffering children in the world and have suggested implementation of a precautionary approach even in the face of scientific uncertainty in order to promote the welfare and health of children and future generations,and in the case of many undeveloped countries this is arguably a work in progress.

California is the country’s most populated state and regrettably has the largest number of uninsured children.Considering the inherent wealth and affluence of the United States relative to some of the poorer nations of the world, an anomaly between the competing interests of corporate profit and the health of America’s children is disturbingly apparent.

In California, the state uses the federal government’s MediCaid funding to implement a public health insurance scheme called MediCal, and also another known as Healthy Families.

Eligibility for these schemes is means tested against a federal poverty guideline, which represents an annual income for the lowest earners, and sets a benchmark for which the states can adopt their individual policies for eligibility. Premiums under these schemes are very reasonable and can be as low as $4 per month for eligible families.

Health Insurance For Children

Californian children from families commensurate with the federal poverty guideline are eligible for health insurance through the state’s MedCal and Healthy Families programs. As the funding for these programs fluctuates regularly, eligibility requirements change from time to time, but essentially the poorest families are able to obtain health cover for their children.

Even though children are the most cost effective to ensure within the population, to date the Californian government are yet to achieve full coverage of Californian children and hundreds of thousands of children in California remain uninsured.Further, recent legislation if enacted, will see the requirement instituted that families re enroll their children into public health insurance programs every 6 months, which could result in further children uncovered by Californian child health insurance.

No state has been able to cover all children, or even to enroll into public health insurance programs all the children eligible for cover. Invariably, this is a result of the program’s lack of exposure.

Alternative Avenues If families are unable to find eligibility for child health insurance in Californian schemes, nonprofit organizations such as CaliforniaKids Healthcare Foundation provide health care benefits for children through subsidies provided from business, foundations and individuals. In addition, California Children’s Services is a state program which is able to authorize payment for treatment of children with chronic health problems or other special limitations.

The need for universal coverage of all children is obvious, particularly when regard is had to the fact that children that are insured are less likely to develop health problems due to regular visits and other preventative health care. On a far more clinical analysis, the cost to the community and the individual is greater when health care is not received.


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