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Health Insurance Statistics - The Growing Uninsured

Between 20 and 25% of Californians lacked health insurance coverage during 2003, and in keeping with the predominance of employment based health insurance in the United States, 65% of non elderly and children in California relied on health insurance provided through an employer, but 61% of all employees in California are no longer able to insure themselves through their employers.

Of the children eligible for California's public health insurance for children "MediCal", 33% thought their children were ineligible due to the confusing administrative procedures involved, and so 10% of Californian children remain uncovered. MediCal provides coverage for 6.5 million low income children parents elderly and disabled individuals, but California is 46th in ranking of the states in their uninsured children percentages.

Cost Of Health Insurance In California - Employers Costs Rising

The debilitating cost to employers in providing health care insurance for employees is illuminated when considering that in Canada, where large corporations such as Ford and Daimler-Chrysler have found that labor costs are reduced by $1700 per car produced, purely by virtue of a single payer universal health system.

Accordingly in 2007, only 60% of large Californian employers offered any health benefits at all to their employees, and only 45% of businesses with less than 10 employees did so. In 2005, the cost to employees for employment based family health insurance cover increased by 79%, and so it makes perfect sense that 75% of uninsured people are from working families, who simply cannot afford the high cost of health insurance.

Between 25 and 50% of bankruptcies in 2004 were as a result of inability to pay medical costs, and 70% of these individuals were insured.

Ironically, the US is the largest consumer of health services in the world, spending 16% of its Gross Domestic Product, versus the OECD median of 8.5% of GDP consumed by other countries, and yet the US remains without a universal health care system.

In California, 40% off young adults are uninsured and this is the greatest percentage of uncovered citizens.This is not at all surprising when viewed in conjunction with the 2004 Californian average single person health coverage cost of $3 685, and the average family cover cost of $10 013.

In 2005, the average deductible for an individual was $2 790 and the average share of cost for benefits was $2 857, which totals $5 600 of financial liability to the insured, which is in addition to the average annual premium paid of $1 204 for a 20 year old and $3 606 for a 55 year old.

Encouragement for the population to prioritize health insurance is found in the findings that all 20 million of the insured in California pay a hidden tax in the form of higher premiums to subsidize the health care for those that have not any health insurance but receive it in an emergency situation.

Emergency health care is the most expensive type of care available, and so remains the motivation behind the concept of preventative treatment which is so ardently observed by the precept of managed care. In 2007, 6.5 million uninsured people had access to emergency care and hospitals in San Diego County alone lost $620 million in health care administered to the uninsured.

Individuals who indeed have health insurance pay an additional $455 annually to subsidize the public cost to the uninsured, and families pay an extra $1 186 p.a.

In order to fund public programs such as MediCal , Healthy Families and AIM, individual Californians and employers offering health insurance to employees are paying a 17% higher premium, as providers of health care services are forced to set the prices of health care services to that higher than the cost to any one individual.

Interestingly however, 81% of Californian voters believe that as a matter of public policy, the Californian government should guarantee all Californians access to health care insurance and health care services that are affordable. 


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